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Born: Brooklyn, NYC May 18th
My mother, Arlene Mayerson, died when I was three and a half (which is the story WHAT EVERY GIRL (EXCEPT ME) KNOWS)

My dad is Henry P. Raleigh an artist, painter  (son of another Henry P. Raleigh, well known illustrator and artist… you can google either of them!)

I have two sons, Sam and Ben… one is a writer at Sports
Illustrated and the other is a Hip-hop performer.

I have had three-step mothers and there are five children from those four couplings… My older brother and I are the only two to share a biologic mother — so hence, every single one of my siblings is, or was, an only child… except for me! I am the only one of five who is a second born. Or rather is not a first-born… go figure that one out!little nora


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I have been a waitress, nursery school teacher, mother, homemaker, creative writing teacher and author. I am very lucky, despite all that may have seemed unlucky (out of my control) in my life…

And I am grateful every day… for every day. I mean that!

Eli as a puppy

Eli as a puppy and Eli now. . .



Click here for: advice to myself ..if I could send a letter back in time


Kitty... also known as Kitty

Kitty… also known as Kitty

my Brooklyn roots

my Brooklyn roots


at the Pen American new members

At the Pen American new members with old friend, Elinor Lipman, the one who paved the way to my first publication, in 2001.

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YouTube Video  Singing!

But sometimes all you can do is sing….

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